The First Teaser For The Final Season Of ‘Girls’ Is Finally Here

February 12 can’t come soon enough

by daniel barna

It's hard to believe that six long seasons have passed in the life of Hannah Horvath, but here we are. In just under three months, we'll finally get to see how Lena Dunham chose to end her landmark HBO series Girls, when the sixth and final season debuts on February 12.

Those of you dying to get a glimpse of the popular show's swan song will appreciate the final season's first teaser, which was released on Friday. In it, we see that Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Hannah (played by you know who) have to reconcile a new stage in their friendship, brought on by Jessa's blossoming relationship with Adam (Adam Driver), who just so happens to be Hannah's ex. "Regardless of everything that's happened, you are still my dear friend," Jessa's seen telling Hannah in the teaser.

It's a minor snippet of what's expected to be some major conflicts between the four characters who’ve helped make Girls one of HBO's landmark shows. And, while we're incredibly pumped for the sixth and final season to unfold, we can't help but feel somewhat devastated as it rides off into the sunset. Such is life. 

Watch the first teaser for the sixth and final season of Girls below.