the ultimate girls recap

free snacks and a jenna lyons cameo!

by liza darwin

We love Girls! You love Girls! So for the entire third season we'll be doing weekly recaps on Monday. Check back in to get our editors' takes on what went down, plus an exclusive illustration from

Girls Illustrated

artist Nina Cosford

. (And, of course, spoiler alert! Catch up on last week's episodes here.

In a stroke of brilliant timing, Jenna Lyons' highly-anticipated 


cameo landed smack dab in the middle of--you guessed it!-- New York Fashion Week. After all, is it really a coincidence that Lyons' character, an intimidating, no-nonsense GQ editor, crossed the screen just two days before J.Crew's real life presentation? No way, and we're glad she did. Not only does the brand's president dress impeccably (in embellished sweaters and collared blouses that seem straight out of J.Crew's catalogue), but she also delivers a well-needed, no-holds-barred serving of life advice. It may have been intended for Hannah, but who says we can't all take it to heart, too?

As usual, this week's episode had a lot of everything: a lot of changes (Hannah starts a job writing advertorials for GQ), a lot of fighting, and a lot of hookups (this time unexpected ones, like Marnie and Ray's recurrent get-together and Shosh and her new boy toy). Oh, and a 


of snacks. 

See our favorite moments below, and let us know yours on


Girls Season 3 Episode 6 Superlatives

illustration by nina cosford

Best Outfit: We're tempted to go with Jenna Lyons for this one, but have to also give it up for Shosh. Her plaid-leather hybrid blouse is one of the few Shoshonna pieces we'd actually wear in real life.

photo by craig blankenhorn/hbo

Best Cameo: Jenna Lyons, duh. We've been waiting not-so-patientlyfor the J.Crew president to make an appearance, and here she is! Lyons plays Hannah's new boss at GQ...and looks impeccable, obviously.

Life Lesson: Fedoras are the worst. Also, just because you're making more money and maybe not fulfilling your creative passion (in Hannah's case, writing her memoir), that doesn't mean you're necessarily selling out. 

photo by craig blankenhorn/hbo

WTF Moment: Marnie and Ray are a thing now? We get that they have "no one else to eat lunch with" and all, but still! WTF?!

photo by craig blankenhorn/hbo

Favorite Quote: "Or, if you want to be a little bit sassy, 'cool dad,' cool spelled 'kewl.'"