‘Girls’ Season 5 Trailer

friendship is forever…complicated

The girls are back in town. Our first, official glimpse of Girls' fifth season premiered yesterday on Refinery29’s Snapchat Discover page, and is now, finally, available to all.

The teaser for the season saw Lena Dunham dancing away in a class with her mother. Not much of a plot advancer that one, but a tease indeed. Here, however, we sort of see where the four main characters are: Hannah is with Fran, though she’s making out with Elijah; Shoshanna has taken that job in Japan; Jessa is, well, Jessa; Marnie is getting hitched. “Yes, I am only 25-and-a-half years old,” she says in a scene that probably involves her justifying why she’s getting married. If she stays married remains unknown; the trailer alludes to the possibility that she doesn’t (and based on her soon-to-be-husband’s impulsive history, she probably won't). All in all, though, this is going to be a season of maturing…hopefully.

Either way, you know where we’ll be come February 21, 2016: watching the season premiere.