girls’ night

how to throw the ultimate girls season 3 premiere party.

by liza darwin

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee. There's never been a better time to quote Shoshanna, because you guys, it's finally happening! After months of waiting, season three of Girls premieres this Sunday--meaning, we no longer have to resort to making far-flung predictions or watching the trailer on loop in order to get our fix. 

It should go without saying we'll be glued to the couch this weekend for the two-episode premiere. But what not crank it up a notch by throwing a screening party? After all, Hannah would totally want you to...

As long as you have HBO, the rest is easy--from what to drink, eat, or serve as party favors, we've compiled everything you need for the ultimate Girls night. We've even figured out what you should do during the commercial breaks...so now all you have to decide is who to invite and what to wear. Mesh tank? Plastic dress? Onesie? Decisions, decisions.

Get the party guide in the gallery!

Dress Code: power-clashing, "it's Wednesday night and I'm feeling alive!" sort of outfit.

Wear: Victoria's Secret Yellow Lace Tank- $6.99. Not quite as scandalous as Hannah's now-iconic mesh tank, we suggest buying it in bright yellow. 

Dress Code: the plastics, AKA inspired by Marnie's dress

Wear: Nasty Gal Slick Streets Dress- $88. This isn't real plastic, luckily--meaning, you don't have to worry about carrying the vinyl part through the subway carousel. Who cares about impressing Booth Jonathan, anyway? 

Dress code: matchy-matchy onesies. Because even weirdos need girlfriends, too.

Wear: ASOS Onesie- $63. It's comfy and cute, without looking like a "sad little glow worm."

Instead of eating cupcakes in a bath tub...take a bite out of our favorite indie chocolate brands. Because let's be real: if you hypothetically wanted to chow down in the bath tub, this way is much easier.  

Instead of having leftover cake on the beach, eat....Godiva's Lava Cake Dessert Truffles. They taste like fancy cake, but minus the mess. 

Instead of drinking opium tea...drink the Hannah-inspired "Ginger Sting" drink. The recipe: pour Paddy Bee Sting whiskey into a glass, fill it with ice, then top things off with your favorite ginger beer and drop in a wedge of lemon. Ta da!

Playlist: all Robyn, all the time. (But if you feel like playing the entire series soundtrack--which is streaming on Spotify-- we totally support that decision!). 

During the commercial break...take turns covering "Stronger" a la Marnie.

Hand out: Q-Tips (no explanation necessary).

Party favors: hats inspired by Shosh's collection of fascinators.