mirror, mirror

unleash your inner-narcissist with these phone accessories!

Confession: I am obsessed with the cult-television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And not in the "Yeah, I guess I'll watch it if it's on T.V." sort of way, but more in the "I've never missed an episode ever" kind of way.

If you also happen to be a (super) fan of the show, then you're well aware of who Jonathan Cheban is (the girls' BFF). Needless to say, when he stopped by the office yesterday to show off his new phone accessories brand Glam Screen, I had to do my best impression of someone not losing their shit. But hear me out—if you're as selfie-obsessed as the Kardashian's and Jenner's are (Kim did, if you remember, take photos of herself on the way to pick up Khloe from jail), then, bible, this brand is for you. (And I can only imagine Jonathan designed it with the aforementioned clan in mind.)

The line's hero product is the HD Mirror/Screen Protector, available for iPhones and other major cell brands. Instead of awkwardly opening up your camera and reversing the lens for makeup touch-ups (and for checking yourself out), the screen acts as a mirror on-the-go. The other amazing product is the hands-free Selfie Ring (yes, you read that correctly), an adhesive tool you stick on the back of your phone and loop your fingers through, so you can hold it up as you take the perfect, non-shaky selfie. 

Yeah, the phone accessories may seem a little ridiculous—albeit surprisingly practical— but considering we live in a world full of selfie-takers, if seems only fitting to hop on-board and unleash our inner narcissist. 

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