glossed over

shine on with these oil-infused hair brushes.

by liza darwin

Whether it's at-home Keratin treatments,

so-called "miracle" sprays,

or shampoo that comes straight from the bees,

we're willing to do pretty much anything for smooth hair.

But Ricky's has given us an option that promises great shiny hair, without having to completely switch up your beauty routine. The NYC beauty superstore has just launched a new line of hairbrushes and combs that come with olive oil baked directly into the plastic, a formula that eliminates frizz and gives an extra shiny boost.

We skeptically tested them out for ourselves, and have to admit- we're impressed. A couple of swipes of the brush later, our hair was definitely softer and static-free. And while it is hard to tell if the results came from the special oil or just the basic brush, they do leave your hair smelling great.

So forget the old myth of 100 stokes a day. With a brush like this, all you need is a few.

Buy them online at Ricky's.