Photo via @misheledimariadesigns/Instagram

Glo Up With Glow-In-The-Dark Rainbow Hair

the force is strong with this one

If I had to pick one good phrase that came out of 2015, it would honestly be "glo up." I'm still going through it so I can't report every single detail, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the process. This year, we've been exposed to a lot of bizarre hair trends like rainbow roots and pearlescent. Now, we're finishing off strong with something that's totally out of this world: glow-in-the-dark rainbow hair. Naturally, the trend sparked in collaboration with the new Star Wars film. (Search #starwarspoplocks on Instagram.) Las Vegas-based makeup artist Mishele DiMaria is a pro at applying it, as you can see on her page where multi-colored waves radiate underneath black light.

If you're itching to test out this trend, check out all of the color options on Manic Panic. If anything, it would make an awesome statement for New Year's Eve.