‘Glow’ Cements Itself As Netflix’s Most Anticipated Series

With new trailer

On our list of 40 most anticipated Netflix original television shows and movies, Glow is ranked at the tippy-top for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s created by Orange Is The New Black’s Jenji Kohan. For two, it’s about an all-female wrestling league and stars underutilized Alison Brie. For three, and we’re adding this now, the trailer just premiered, and it looks like the light-hearted summer comedy we could all use.

When we’re first introduced to Brie’s character, Ruth Wilder, in the clip, we learn she’s a struggling actress interested in real parts that don’t require her playing secretary to some man’s starring role. After her agent calls with an audition for “unconventional women… whatever that means,” she’s presented with her one last chance for stardom.

Glow, which stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, follows Ruth and 12 other misfit actresses as they grapple with playing stereotypes for entertainment and reaching their dream of Hollywood fame. It’s based off a former ‘80s syndicated series that combined on-stage wrestling with humor. Are the present-day gorgeous ladies of wrestling actors hired to play wrestlers or straight-up wrestlers? This is still unclear. But, we’re told, we can expect lots of blood, tits, and storytelling from the bunch. Stay tuned come June 23, when the series premieres on Netflix, to see what else is in store.