earn your bragging rights with this cool new online shop.

by liza darwin

In a world of fast fashion and watered-down trends, here's one way to guarantee that you won't be wearing the same thing as every other girl on the street.

The new online shop, Of a Kind, is totally exclusive-but not in a pretentious, long lines kind of way. Instead, the store features cool new stuff from up-and-coming designers in weekly increments.

Since the website's inception, they've already showcased items from Mandy Coon, Lizzie Fortunato, and Dusen Dusen in limited-edition batches of five to fifty. And just to make sure that each creation really is totally original, each purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity, along with the backstory describing the designer's inspiration behind the piece.

Start shopping here... and if you feel the need to brag to all your friends about your amazing new score, it's okay. We don't blame you.