gold ingot usb memory stick

Priceless memory…

by nylon

We’re not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing yet, but we can confidently say that the human race has successfully managed to bedazzle everything from our iPhone cases to our—ihmm, let’s not go there. The one thing that we did skip, though, was our USB drives, because why would we ever do that? Jamil Pure Gold, a distributor from the UAE, would say, because why not? They recently released a line of 24 Karat gold pressed flash drives, shaped like a classic bar of gold bullion. The USBs can store up to 32GB’s of data and are individually crafted by Japanese artisans. Now if the drive were made out of solid gold then it wouldn’t go for less then 25 grand, it would also break your back after an average of 2.5 trips to the office. Since it’s not 9It's actually made of gold leaf), the drive sells for $870. If you happen to live in the UAE, then you can fetch this bad boy for $435 a pop with the help of our good friends, the Groupons. If you don’t (which you most likely don’t) then you’re going to have to wait until they start shipping them to the U.S. Until then, can we all just take a moment of mutual respect, for the men who made a USB drive look like the return of the gold rush? Check them out HERE.

-Rashed Aqrabawi