golden coast “break my fall”

The West Coast duo debuts its inaugural single…

by Christian Lavery

It’s been nearly a decade since Denny White and Steven Mudd met, moved from Colorado to California, and began producing and writing music for various artists. It’s only today that the duo is debuting a track of their own. Our only question? What exactly took so long?

Summoning a mixture of danceable synths and a myriad of organic instruments, Golden Coast introduces its sound to the world through their inaugural single “Break My Fall.” The record features an appealing hook and alluring vocals matched by impressive production. And if this is any indication of what we can expect from the indie pop duo, we’ll be waiting patiently for their next release.

Take a listen to the track and make sure to keep up with the duo--they’re only getting started.

-photo by Easton Schirra