good listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by ellen carpenter

Walk the Moon, "Anna Sun"

Every now and then you find a song that you want to play over and over and over again -- so much so that you have to put on headphones so your coworkers don't make fun of you. This is that song. Sure, this Cincinnati, Ohio, foursome released it last year on their debut full-length, I Want! I Want!, but I just discovered it yesterday. As catchy as the Killers' "Mr. Brightside" -- with soaring lead vocals, a Journey-esque guitar solo, and chorus that you'll be singing along with on first listen -- it is, most definitely, my new obsession.

Theophilus London, "Why Even Try (Ft. Sara Quin)"

Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London heads to the '80s on this duet with Tegan & Sara's Sara Quin from his new EP, Lovers Holiday (out this week). Filled with jingling chimes, slapped bass and, some turntable scratching, it really does sound like it could have been on the soundtrack for Desperately Seeking Susan or Do the Right Thing-- which is to say it's totally awesome.

Young Buffalo "Catapillah"

This Mississippi trio sound like a mix of Fleet Foxes, Manchester Orchestra, and Vampire Weekend -- which is extremely high praise in our book. They opened for the Vaccines in New York last month, so they're already in good company, and they're getting tons of love in the U.K. "Catapillah" will be released on Valentine's Day; we think it would go great with a box of chocolates.

Fleet Foxes "Helpless Blues"

You know how sometimes bands hit it big and then decide for their second album they're gonna totally change things up and try a whole new sound? Yeah, well Fleet Foxes didn't do that. Thank God! "Helpless Blues," the title track from their upcoming new album, is pure bliss. You don't mess with a good thing.

James Blake, "A Case of You"

Brit It Boy James Blake covered Joni Mitchell's classic this week on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show and it's a stunner. The emotion practically drips through your speakers. Weirdly enough, I was listening to that Joni Mitchell album, Blue, just this past weekend while I was making

delicious banana pecan cornmeal pancakes.

They pair well together-- trust me!