good listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

Luke Rathborne, "Dog Years"

You know those mornings you just never want to get out of bed? Those days are meant for lounging around the house and listening to Luke Rathborne. With his soulful lyrics and brooding aesthetic, this emerging musician has perfected the delicate art of dark pop. His guitar-ridden tracks are catchy enough to listen to over and over, but with an added dose of cool melancholia that makes it hard to resist. He's releasing his split E.P., titled I Can Be One / Dog Years on March 8 (right before he heads down to SXSW to open for The Strokes..not bad!). Until then, download his single here and get a first listen at the guy everyone's talking about. LIZA DARWIN

The Dodos, "Black Night"

Just a warning: once you start playing the first single off The Dodos' fourth album, No Color (out March 15), you might never want to turn it off. With an introductory drum solo jolting you into action and a highly addictive chorus following soon after, "Black Night" is the perfect reminder that this duo is back and better than ever-not that we had any doubt about that. LD

Erland and the Carnival, "Map of an Englishman"

We've got to hand it to U.K. folk rockers Erland and the Carnival for making a sound that's refreshingly original in today's  jam-packed music scene (no small feat). For their latest album, Nightingale, they crisscross between dreamy pop, haunting undertones, and a whirlwind of rhythms. Check out their single "Map of an Englishman" and you'll see understand how it's a total trip that we never want to end. LD

Ra Ra Riot – “Too Dramatic (The Morning Benders Remix)”

When The Morning Benders release new music, we can almost feel our ears perk up.  Their dreamy ballads sound both mysterious and familiar, causing us to question whether we found it on a music blog or from the back room of an rundown vinyl shop. Their latest remix of Ra Ra Riot's "Too Dramatic" is no exception-- it may even their best song yet.  ALI HOFFMAN

Joan As Police Woman - "The Magic"

Joan Wasser is back with her third album, slated to hit stores in April.  But for those as impatient we are, we highly recommend downloading the album's first single.  It's fun and upbeat, and reminds of The Cardigans mixed with a hearty dose of Fiona Apple.  AH