good listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

Skrillex, "First of the Year"

We were first turned on to 23-year-old producer Sonny Moore last fall and this track, which builds with the glitchy, pretty electronica reminiscent of early Todd Terry before crashing into a blistering onslaught of bass that sounds like a thousand concrete factories being demolished by a horde of extremely angry aliens, is probably the best thing we've heard from him yet. Catch him destroying a sound system near you this summer; he's on tour across the U.S. starting June 17th. LUKE CRISELL

Munchi, "Madre No Llores"

This is the only track on this Dutch producer's MySpace page, and, if you're reading this Munchi, we'd like some more. A blissful, thoughtful slice of dubstep with fractured vocals skipping over a swirling fog of ambient electronic noise, "Madre No Llores" is the kind of record you put on your iPod when you're walking home after a night of dancing to someone like Skrillex, as the sun is coming up and no one else is around. LC

The Sundelles, "Can't Win"

Spring has decided to bypass New York this year, so I've been forced to look for warmth and happiness indoors. Thankfully Brooklyn trio the Sundelles offer up a big dose of sunshine with their debut album, Georgia Swan. The '60s Cali pop of "Kiss the Coast" may seem more like the more obvious blast of beach blanket bingo on the album, but opening track "Can't Win," feels more like California to me—driving down the PCH, top down on the rented white Mustang (why Enterprise always gives me a white Mustang I will never know), slapping the steering wheel in time with the group handclaps. If I close my eyes, I can almost smell the ocean.

Download the song here free.


Razika, "Taste My Dream"

When we think about the Norwegian music scene, black metal is the first thing that comes to mind -- not the actual music, mind you, but rather all of the crazy murders, fires, suicides, cannibalism, and fights that the members of these bands were a part of. (Read about Mayhem -- insane.) So anyway... we were quite surprised to discover Razika, an awesome pop-rock group of teenage Norwegian chicks who, we're guessing, haven't killed or eaten anyone. Instead they spend their time crafting ridiculously fun, dub-inflected pop that Gwen Stefani wishes she could be making right now. (Seriously Gwen, when is that No Doubt album coming out?) EC

Bobby "Sore Spores"

Instead of rushing out to get jobs after graduating from Bennington College in Vermont, the five members of Bobby decided to postpone adulthood and rent a house in rural Massachusetts and make an album. It was a good decision. It's a bit difficult to pin down their sound -- there are shades of Bjork and the Books, hints of shoegaze and free jazz, and a fair amount of world music percussion going on -- but no matter what they're doing, we like it. EC