good listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

Gardens & Villa- "Black Hills"

We've got our hands on Gardens & Villa's summer album, and although it hasn't dropped yet, you can listen to its first single, "Black Hills." The mellow jam session is laced with drums that thump and whack their way through the melody, and get us way too excited for July 19, when the full record debuts. FARAN KRENTCIL

Alex Turner- "Piledriver Waltz"

I went to a preview screening of Richard Ayoade's debut feature, Submarine this morning--an endearing coming-of-age British independent film that tips its hat to both Harold and Maude and Rushmore. While the storytelling and cinematography are beautiful, it's Alex Turner's soundtrack that really captures the yearning, tender melancholy of awkward teenage love. Sample lyric: "You look like you just went for breakfast at the Heatbreak Hotel / and sat in the back booth by the pamphlets and the literature." Swoon. NATALIE SHUKUR

Julian Casablancas- "Rave On"

To celebrate what would have been Buddy Holly's 75th birthday (he died in a plane crash in 1959 aged just 23) a tribute album feature 19 of his most famous hits will be released in June. With a stellar line-up that includes the Black Keys, Patti Smith, Modest Mouse, and (ahem) Kid Rock, it's Julian Casablancas's awesome cover of "Rave On" that has us doing the twist. Then again, around these parts we'll take any little scrap the Strokes crooner wants to throw our ways. All Julian, all the time. NS

Chikita Violenta- "Roni"

It's hard not to become completely hooked on the newest track from these Mexican indie rockers after just one listen. With a swingy melody, yearning lyrics, and scuzzy, Surfer Blood-style guitar riffs, "Roni"  is deceptively upbeat. That is, until you find yourself unknowingly joyfully singing along to the ultimate "I'm so over you" anthem. (" There's no messing with my head tonight...I know you're on the outside now"). But hey, that's fine by us. With a song this good, revenge has never been so sweet. LIZA DARWIN

FM Belfast- "I Don't Want To Go To Sleep, Either"

Whatever FM Belfast's secret is to sustaining their enviable high-energy sound, we want it. We're giving this Icelandic band credit for single-handedly spreading tons of smiles and sweaty dance parties across the globe with their throbbing electro-pop tunes. The new single off their album sounds like a mash-up of Peter Bjorn & John and the Polarsets, with a dash of Talking Heads thrown in for good measure. With a dancey beat and pretty much the simplest lyrics imaginable (making it super easy to sing along!), "I Don't Want To Go To Sleep, Either" is like washing your Pop Rocks candy down with Red Bull- sugary, explosive, and guaranteed fun. Um, not like we've done that or anything.... LD