photo by wiissa


good listener

the five best songs to jam out to this weekend.

by nylon

Sunflower Bean - "Tame Impala"

Julia Cumming's short-fuse vox hopscotch over lo-fi psyche sludge and feedback in this five-minute-plus tune that will make even the soberest among us feel hung over and paranoid about the unsavory things we must have done or said during its duration but can't remember. MELISSA GIANNINI

Evy Jane - "Nothing So Great"

Crystal-clear production cradles Evelyn Mason's every utterance—every high note, every breath, every click of tongue against teeth—in this electro-soul seducer. MG

Electric Youth - "Runaway"

The latest track from this Toronto-based duo that met in sixth grade summons that "maybe the world isn't completely fucked" feeling that bubbles up every so often when you find yourself in the company of a kindred soul. (And the band's name summons fruity scent memories of a certain Deborah Gibson-endorsed fragrance that may have resided in a certain music writer's pink-and-turquoise Caboodle makeup case when she was in the sixth grade.) MG

The Knocks - "Classic" RAC Remix 

The only way to describe RAC's remix from electronic duo The Knocks is instant summer gratification. Because when you strip down the original surging synth beats with lax keys, add chilled-out vocals, subtle beats, and easy-going chord progressions that put you in that head swaying, sing-along mood, an impromptu joy ride with the top down is in order. BANU IBRAHIM

Mikky Ekko - "Smile"

If you needed a reason to show your pearly whites today (besides the fact that, hello, it's Friday), singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire Mikky Ekko's new single, "Smile," will make sure that you'll be doing just that every time you hit play. The track's main delight: the perfect build up into an indie-angelic chorus of "la la las" while Ekko's joy-inducing voice belts "The future is forever, so smile." Done. BI