The New Google Phone Is Coming To Replace The Hissing iPhone 7

Let the battle of the smartphones begin

The line outside Apple's Soho store in New York City for the iPhone 7 is still remarkably long. (It is truly a puzzling site to walk by each day on the way to NYLON's offices.) Google, probably sick of my constant googling of "Why are people still lined outside of Apple?" has a solution coming. According to a mysterious website made by Google and a transfer of rumored knowledge, a new smartphone will debut October 4. 

Google's latest Nexus-driven device is expected to be called Pixel. It's slated to be the best Android phone yet. There's obviously new swiping technology and fancy glass back panels. Whether it hisses, like Apple's latest, remains unknown. Like the iPhone, however, it'll reportedly set consumers back well over $600. A cryptic video promoting the device can be found below. It basically implies that your Google search bar is now a phone. It's a lovely metaphor, really, but will it allow a user to search incognito? Do we need J.K. Rowling to create some magic for a user to do so? After all, the iPhone doesn't have the capability to render a user invisible like an invisibility cloak yet. When will we know if Google has answered all our problems?

October 4th, that's when.