pack up your life in these cool carryalls.

by liza darwin

You could say it all started with that pivotal scene in 10 Things I Hate About You: Bianca: You know, there's a difference between like and love. I like my Skechers but I love my Prada backpack. Chastity: But I love my Skechers. Bianca: That's because you don't have a Prada backpack. And Bianca's right. Backpacks are back, and not just for lugging around textbooks. Everyone from Helmut Lang to Alexander Wang have presented luxe versions of the school staple (usually in amazing materials like thick leather and animal skin), but our latest favorite trades in high fashion for all-American cool. The Herschel Supply Co. specializes in vintage-inspired carryalls that are classic enough to wear everywhere but in a sleek, slim shape that's undoubtably hipper than its bulky predecessors. Reasonably priced at around $45 each, it's easy to mix and match them for all your adventures. They're made with specialty fabric and leather detailing, so they're durable enough for your next expedition into the Great Outdoors. But if you'd rather just wear them on the city streets, that's okay, too. We don't blame you.

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