Grease Sandra Dee Blouse

get your own pink lady look.

by steff yotka

Growing up, I didn't have cable, so any movie I had on VHS, I watched at least a thousand times. The two films in heaviest rotation were Bring it On--which I've already waxed poetic about here--and Grease.

Now, Grease may be a little racy for a six-year-old, but that didn't stop me from learning all the lines, songs, and dance moves which I did in my best polo shirt and poodle skirt in front of our old electron ray gun TV. For the third grade talent show at school, my best friend and I performed our own rendition "We Go Together" in matching blue and green pedal pushers, saddle shoes, button downs tied at the waist, and high ponytails. We were very cool, obviously.

Even though I switched schools the next year and saw my first PG-13 movie that I became obsessed with (Center Stage!), my love of all things Grease has stuck with me well into my 20s. That's why I'm super psyched about this checkered button up shirt form Lucca Couture--pair it with a circle skirt and some bobby socks and you are ready for your own "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" moment. Buy it here and get singing!

Apt for Halloween AND every day.

"Prom Sandra" is another one of her looks I'm trying to achieve.


Whoa! Hands off John Travolta.

Also looking for the perfect Pink Ladies bomber. Tweet me if you find one.