green screen

on 4/20, we remember the daze.

by faran krentcil

It's April 20th, which doesn't really mean anything - except it does. Today marks the hazy 40th Anniversary of 4/20, the number code created by a group of California teenagers in 1971, used as a euphemism at San Rafael High School to designate lighting up.

Forty years later, marijuana still isn't legal for the general population, but pop culture's fondness for the buzz-inducing plant hasn't stopped.  Today, Marijuana leaves appear on clothing, while its dried form, hemp, is used as an alternative to cotton.  Cannabis oil is also popular in beauty products - not surprisingly, many aromatherapy experts enjoy its supposed calming properties.

And since the '70s hippie vibe was all over the Spring runways, we figured there was no harm in giving it an extra push - legally, of course.

Urban Outfitters Big Fatty Mascara, with cannabis oil. $20.

House of Jackie Brown swimsuit, $

Proenza Schouler hemp bracelet, $150

Fresh Cannabis Perfume, $75

I Don't Like Mondays sweater dress, $235

Dr Bronner's Hemp lip balm, $3

C&C Hemp Henley, $88