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Looks Like Greta Gerwig Wasn’t A Fan Of Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’

According to a fellow movie-goer

by Sandra Song

In today's edition of "celebrities, they're just like us," we have Greta Gerwig. An ever-relatable human being, turns out, the director behind award-winning Lady Bird is also a loud movie-talker and an extra-large-soda-drinker if a new, viral thread is to be believed.

Yesterday afternoon, podcaster Jaye Hunt took to Twitter to live-tweet her experience of watching Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty in the same theater as Gerwig and a few of her friends. Seeing as how the theater was mostly empty and no one was sitting behind her, Hunt proceeded to document every "ugh" and scoff emitted by the director, writer, and actor.

"honestly knowing academy award nominee greta gerwig is a loud movie talker is validating every time someone has shushed me at a movie," Hunt wrote.

And while it seems like there were a few moments in the movie that were funny to her, all in all, it appears that Gerwig was not a huge fan of the film. That said, she does seem to like Emily Ratajkowski and whoever did the music supervision. 

Honestly, we're just really hoping Gerwig provides the commentary for the movie's DVD release. Read Hunt's full thread, below.