Grimes New Song “Scream” Is Very Good, Very Grimes


Just when we thought Grimes was going to release an album full of songs we could actually sing along to, she drops “Scream.” The new track is lifted off her forthcoming album Art Angels and breaks free from the radio-friendly style of “Flesh without Blood.” It’s the kind of weird, intergalactic stuff we’ve come to appreciate Grimes for—only now, it’s less spacey and more aggressive.

She’s called the track “nu-metal,” which could mean anything. Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes adds a new grit to the electric guitar-heavy song. A deep bass bumps throughout, but it’s the heavy-breathing sounds that drive “Scream.” It lures you in before shattering your eardrums. Unless you speak Mandarin, you might not be able to sing along to this, but that’s okay. Vibe out to it, and scream a little. It’s good for your system. Weird girls unite.