Good Listener

our favorite new songs of the week are all treats, no tricks.

by nylon

Liz - "Stop Me Cold"

Sometimes all you need to snap out of a Halloween hangover is a slithering bass line and a couple of breathy ooh-oh-yeah-yeahs. What follows is super silky pop R&B perfection courtesy of Liz. And at 3:39, it's the perfect length for enjoying that leftover Now and Later you just found in your purse. Score! MELISSA GIANNINI

A$AP Rocky - "Angels"

In my home state of Michigan, Halloween eve is called Devil's Night. For most of my childhood, this was when Detroit saw its sharpest rise in arson. At some point in the mid-'90s, the city responded by rounding up volunteers, called "Angels," who attached flashing lights to the tops of their cars and drove around to deter vandalism and report suspicious activity. It worked pretty well, but I don't think these are the "Angels" A$AP Rocky is referring to in this video, which has the mob riding on BMXs through NYC streets in Jason masks. But you never know. MG

Caged Animals - "The Sound of Thunder"

Caged Animals is the project of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Vincent Cacchione, and the video for "The Sound of Thunder" features Cacchione's little sister in a Mean Girls-meets-The Craft scenario perfect for the season and for the folk-meets-rock-meets-electronic song. MG

Bishop Nehru - "Exhale"

Check the latest video from NYLON/NYLON Guys fave Bishop Nehru, in which the 17-year-old brings his Suburban Shoguns cohort Que Hampton along for quickly spit yet smooth-as-hell boom-bap Saw-inspired carnival ride of terror. MG

Grizzly Bear - "Listen and Wait"

After vibing to the newest unreleased track off of the Brooklyn-based band's upcoming two-disc expansion album, we're starting to channel our new spirit animal. The first few seconds may lead you to believe it's just another soft, indie-rock tune. But, oh no, soon enough, you start to realize it has some serious bite to it. The dark song combines whirling choir-boy harmonies with hard stomping percussion and a roaring guitar, which all comes together in an unsettling ending that just bellows "I'm a force to be reckoned with." BANU IBRAHIM