On Ronnie Spector’s Eyeliner, Blink-182 Posters, and Making New Music!

on ronnie spector’s eyeliner, blink-182 posters, and making new music!

Introduce yourself!

Hello. I'm Colleen Green. I'm from Massachusetts. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 24 years old and now I am 29. I'm just a normal lady who makes music and likes to sing.

How would you describe your music?

I don't typically try and describe my music to people who are unfamiliar with it. I just tell them it sounds like The Ramones. This isn't really true, but it doesn't matter because the only way to find out what my music sounds like is to listen to it.

If you had to choose, what’s your favorite song of yours and why?

"I Will Follow Him." I like the guitars and the drum beat and the fact that it doesn't really sound like any of my other songs. 

What are you coming out with next?

A new album?!

What are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

My friends and loved ones that play music are easily my biggest day to day inspirations. They make me want to be better. White Fang has been one of my biggest inspirations of the past year or so. I love their dedication and their individuality. SISU is a huge inspiration because their music is unlike anything else I've ever heard, especially in a local scene, and they're so good. 

Who are some of your ultimate beauty icons in music?

Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes. I always wish I could wear that much eyeliner and have really big hair without feeling like a tool. Dolly Parton, she was a very naturally beautiful woman when she was younger, just a small town girl, which I love. Even though she's had tons of plastic surgery, she still rules because she does whatever she wants and I think that's super cool. Kim Deal because she never wears make up and doesn't care. 

If you could form the ultimate fantasy girl band with musicians living or dead, who would be in the band?

My friend Marisa from Mannequin Pussy. She's pretty chill.  

What posters did you have on your wall growing up?

Several Sublime posters and several Blink 182 posters. 

What do you usually keep in your makeup bag?

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

What are your all-time favorite beauty products?

I guess this Badger lip balm that I stole from Cracker Barrel. It's called Night-Night balm and it's supposed to help you have nice dreams. 

What is your signature scent?

It's called CG One, manufactured and distributed by CG Industries, LLC. 

What is your hair care routine like?

I wash it in the shower--right now I'm using OGX Keratin Oil--then I towel it off and rub some conditioner into it, brush it, and let it air dry. 

What’s the best and worst beauty advice you’ve ever received?

I don't know if anyone has ever given me any good beauty advice. I read in a magazine once though that there's no way to shrink your pores so don't believe the hype of products like Proactiv that claim to help users achieve this. Also I saw a guy on TV say that caffeine is bad for your skin. Both of these pieces of information left an impression on me. The worst beauty advice I can think of is someone saying "You should _____".  

What’s the best advice you can pass on to our readers?

Well, since you asked, I say drink water, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine, get plenty of rest, exfoliate and wear sunscreen.