grumpy cat x the mountain

The first name in BIG FACE tees…

by Josh Madden

Anyone who has ever done any extensive traveling around the good ol' U-S-of-A can tell you of one of our lesser-known national treasures, the truck stop. The American truck stop is an experience all its own, a place where time stands still, where no less than a dozen flavors of beef jerky are the standard, Frogger and Galaga machines still glow in the corner and a whole world of fashion exists. The amazing sunglasses, mesh back caps, flip flops, and T-shirts truck stops offer have gone from being ironic purchases to actual fashions. Tracing the genesis of truck stop fashion movement is an interesting concept and the questions are raised: Did it come from bands, purchasing these items while on tour, wearing them on stage and in photo shoots and then fans following suit? Did it come from the wardrobe stylings of characters like Napoleon Dynamite in movies?

The most popular of all truckstop fashion and probably the item that comes to mind when this segment of fashion is discussed is a shirt known as the "Three Wolf Moon." Yes, the three wolves howling at the moon shirt is credited as the one that started all of this. While there's a long list of knockoffs, but the original is made by a company called The Mountain. The popularity of its wolves collection has spawned a range of animal-themed shirts that now includes birds, aquatic characters, dinosaurs and big face characters. Which brings us to their newest addition, the big face Grumpy Cat shirt.

The Grumpy Cat shirt capsule consists of three different designs and includes a variety of tee shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts. It even includes a three cat moon tee, which pays homage to the design that started this whole craze. This pouty little cat, whose name is actually Tardar Sauce, is one of the internet's, and now the streets, most popular faces. Check out the wide variety of radical clothing The Mountain has to offer HERE and see the full range of Grumpy Cat gear HERE.