Vince Staples Leaves Us In The Dust In GTA’s Latest Music Video

“Little Bit of This”

Can't get enough of Vince Staples? Same here. The California-based rapper has been grinding non-stop since he dropped his Prima Donna EP a few weeks ago. Not too long after releasing his Nabil-directed short film, Staples is front and center for yet another visual. This time, he's starring in a David Helman-directed video for "Little Bit of This," a collaboration with GTA off of their forthcoming album, Good Times Ahead. 

"When an artist like 


dials in on a track, the process seems to become pretty easy," GTA's Matt Toth told 


. "Once he jumped on, there wasn't much left to adjust. We just kinda looked at each other and knew the track was done.

In the video, Staples is placed in the middle of an industrial complex while old-fashioned models of BMWs race around him. It's probably a metaphor for something deeper, but we're too distracted staring at Staples in all his cozy-fitted glory. (Seriously, is it sweater weather yet? We're ready to throw on our hoodies too...) Let the record show that we'd willingly walk through clouds of dust for you anytime, Vince.

Good Times 

is expected for release on October 7. Scroll up to watch this dope collaboration come to life.