Photo via @gucci Instagram


Forget Models, Gucci’s Latest Muses Are Aliens

To Gucci, and beyond

If you happened to take a look at Gucci’s Instagram account today, you likely noticed that their latest muses seem to be a bit, erm, strange. In a series of “casting videos” posted earlier this afternoon, it seems that the fashion house isn’t searching for the perfect actor or model, but rather, the perfect alien.

In the new #GucciAndBeyond clips, we meet a number of strange characters. From the very green Kerelanda, from planet Xoph, to Xeod, a silver being with telepathic powers, these extra-terrestrial beings certainly aren’t the typical models we've seen in Alessandro Michele’s campaigns. (Especially true for the unknown glittery-eyed alien wearing a floral robe).

Still, we can’t say that we’re surprised, exactly. Michele’s fall 2017 collection for the fashion house is meant to be his interpretation of the future, so all of this alien casting seems just right.

While we’re not exactly sure what this all means, it’s safe to say that something out of this world might be headed our way. We’re just happy to know that they come in peace.