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The Pisces Full Moon Means It’s Time To Fight For The Future You Want

It’s a time for all you dreamers

When the moon is full in Pisces, we should gather under the wide open night and begin the work of learning how to be dreamers together. And our dreaming must not be in the future tense, but rather, in service to the future through unyielding, consistent presence, which refuses complacency and privileged resignation. It is apt that the moon should be full in Pisces following the eve of many thousands of people coming together to protest the repeal and rescinding of the Dream Act, or DACA. The full moon in Pisces believes that there is a better world worth fighting for, one without laws which do not uphold the moral good. The Pisces full moon is the empress of care, so she wants us to look beyond what has come before, and swim irreverently toward what has kept us going thus far, and what we hope to build for those who come after. She wants us to mix our gratitude and our action plans, our self-care and our community service, our nurturance and our outrage.

When the moon is full in Pisces, it is a good idea to begin a dream journal. A dream journal is a journal you keep by your bed and practice writing in upon waking so that you might commit your unconscious dreams toward memory, and in memorizing them, rise lucid in your dreaming. The Pisces full moon remembers the solar eclipse and the new moon in Leo, she knows she has a shadow side and she means to know that shadow side as well as the part of her that she has made visible to others.

The Pisces full moon knows that sometimes you've got to go away to a place inside yourself so that you might parse your inner voice from the voices that surround you. If you leave, leave with purpose. Try to write your lessons down so that you don't forget them. Begin a new book, and choose the kind of book that makes clear that revolution is not only possible but inevitable. And if that book proclaims that a revolution will necessarily be violent, remind yourself that we were put on this planet to take care of each other, just as much as we were put on this planet to destroy each other. It is our choice which way we go.

A full moon is a cycle closing, so it is important to grieve, to remember that there are those of us who will not survive the dangers of water in Houston, in Bangladesh, in India, and in Nepal.  It is important to bear witness to death, and it is important to think about how you intend to help the living. This will mean a deeper dedication to combating climate change and—as many of us have known for a long time—acknowledging that environmental activism must exist in relation to all other political activism. It is all connected. Our citizenship and our taxes and our commodities make possible toxic waste dumping practices, use of harmful and cancer-causing materials, and slave labor wages in factories which prioritize quantity of goods over quality of life. The environment is political, and the political is personal, and all of it is worth fighting for.

The moon is full in Pisces, and we must be dreamers together, willing to rise out of our slumber and into the streets, willing to change—if slowly, then surely—the ways in which we benefit off of the suffering of others. We must hold ourselves responsible for the hurricanes that rip our communities apart. The Pisces full moon knows you have made mistakes. She knows the places in your spirit where you ache to grow and she forgives you. She is here to remind you that you are, in this moment, a collection of multi-verses, one version of yourself making choices again and again in spiral time, in different directions. And it is good to look up at the big full moon, who keeps her own calendar, and remember that who you are in this moment is ancestral, even if you have no idea who your ancestors are or were. Your ancestors know who you are. You are the lasting evidence of an enduring wound or the will to change. You are alive because someone else made it so. You are a testament to resilience, especially if you are the evidence of what survives of the human spirit when one is left to fend for itself.

Unblinking and large, the full moon reflects on every body of water and reminds us that because we are full of water, we are also the moon. And, if we are full of water, we are full of emotions, many of which we cannot name because we have carried them from a life that came before. It is our job to love what is unfamiliar in us and, in doing so, learn to protect those who might be unfamiliar to us but need our love just the same.