Three Editor-Approved Ways To Vacation In Mexico

    Three cities, three unique experiences

    by , and · December 07, 2016

    Tell your friends you’re going on vacation to Mexico and you’re probably going to be met someone asking, “Oh! Cancún? Cozumel? Mexico City?” Though those destinations are wonderful and definitely bucket list-worthy, there is more to our southern neighbor than just the Spring Break haven and the capital. If you venture west, you’ll be met with deserts, mountains, and a region overflowing with artistic adventure. If you go more inland, you’ll be in a tequila drinker’s fantasy world. And just outside of Mexico’s most popular east coast city is a region on the brink of becoming a tourist superpower. Whatever your vibe is, there’s a part of Mexico that vibes right along with you. Ahead, discover three of them. Vámonos de aventura!

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