dos and don’ts: micro bangs

your guide to going chop-chop.

by rebecca willa davis

If the beauty opener in our March issue (turn to page 136, quick!) got you thinking about going for micro-bangs, you're not alone; half of the NYLON office was considering going short. (In case you were wondering, I was among them--and just this weekend I did get a major fringe trim.) But just because you're inspired by the mini-bangs sent down the runway at Prada or favored by Lisbeth Salander (the Rooney version, of course) doesn't mean they work for everyone. So we chatted up Bumble & bumble Bb.Stylist Allen Wood to get his guide to going shorty. What, more than anything, do you need to pull them off? "Baby bangs make a strong statement, so ultimately it's all about confidence and owning the look," is how he puts it. Amen. Here are a few more of his tips:

THEY ACTUALLY DO LOOK GOOD ON ALMOST EVERYONE "They can work with a variety of haircuts but I consider them most suitable on someone whose hair has a manageable texture, is average in density, with minimal cowlicks (someone with a neutral hairline). I would also steer away from baby bangs on someone with a round face, short forehead, or very sharp features."

GIVE YOUR STYLIST A LITTLE BIT OF DIRECTION "I suggest anyone considering baby bangs to definitely bring reference images--pictures of fringes they do and do not like. Any good hairstylist will have a thorough consultation to discuss the desired result, what products to use, and how to style. Clients should also discuss what the reality of their styling routine is if they have a hair type--or hairline--that is going to require styling to achieve the desired results."

THEY DON'T REQUIRE WEEKLY TRIMS, PROMISE "The key to maintaining baby bangs varies on the clients hair texture, density, and hairline. Some clients have hair that will air dry perfectly in place, while others may need products, a brush, and blow dryer--perhaps even a flat iron--to achieve the desired effect. In terms of how often to cut, I'd say generally a trim every four to six weeks to maintain the look."

YOU CAN ROLL OUT OF BED AND NOT WORRY ABOUT THEM--BUT YOU CAN ALSO STILL STYLE YOUR HAIR IF THAT'S YOUR THING "I love the idea of piecing out and texturizing baby bangs with a fibrous paste such as Bumble & bumble's Sumotech or Thickening Creme Contour. Someone with fine texture may want to rough dry Surf Spray in to create fullness while a client that needs control may require Thickening Hairspray and then smoothing out with a small flat brush."

FOR INSPIRATION, SHOW YOUR STYLIST THE MARCH ISSUE OF NYLON--OR FIND YOUR OWN MICRO-BANG ICON "My favorite baby bang inspirations are Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted and model Daria Strokous."