gwen and now

don’t speak, just hurry up and get gwen stefani’s beauty looks.

by steff yotka

Stop whatever you're doing and send out a "Happy Birthday" tweet to Gwen Stefani right now. Do it. She might be just a girl, but we love her!

The No Doubt frontwoman and eternal NYLON muse is celebrating 44 great years on earth. In honor of the singer's big day, we've rounded up her great beauty looks from her career, as well as the stars who are channeling their inner Stefani's now, like Rita Ora and Hayley Williams. Oh, and we've even got the scoop on how you can get Stefani's timelessly cool beauty looks. 

Whether you're planning on donning a polka dot dress and going as "Don't Speak"-era Gwen for Halloween, or you spend everyday trying to achieve you're best Venice Beach beauty look, this slideshow is for you. Get out of those beauty spiderwebs you're stuck in and try your hand at pink hair or red lipstick. Don't doubt it!

Gwen: On the red carpet with red lips.

Now: Jennifer Lawrence.

Try: Nars Lipstick in Fire Down Below

Gwen: With her signature double buns.

Now: Rita Ora.

Try: Living Proof Hold Firm Hairspray

Gwen: Rocking many baby buns.

Now: Miley Cryus

Try: Sephora Single Ribbon Hair Tie

Gwen: "I just blue myself."

Now: Katy Perry

Try: Manic Panic Blue Dye

Gwen: Pink hair on the cover of NYLON!

Now: Charlotte Free

Try: Manic Panic Pink Dye

Gwen: With brown lipstick in the '90s.

Now: Camilla Belle

Try: Lancome Color Fever Lipstick in Supafly Brown

Gwen: Long bobbing it back in the day.

Now: Rose Byrne

Try: Josie Maran Wave Spray

Gwen: With a baby bob and a bejeweled face.

Now: Hayley Williams

Try: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Gwen: In the boys' room with '40s bangs.

Now: Hayley Williams

Try: Sultra Curling Iron

Gwen: In hoop earrings and pink cornrows

Now: Trish on Orange is the New Black

Try: Redken Dry Dhampoo