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kid ditches gym class to dance to beyoncé, kills it

we want him on our volleyball team.

by lindsey lanquist

We've all been there—standing in the middle of P.E. class, smelling the fusion of a waxy gym floor and sweaty socks, reluctantly doing some sort of recreational activity. The minutes drag on as we half-ass the volleyball game our teacher has organized for us, waiting—praying—for the class to come to an end.

Suddenly, a gift from the gods appears: Beyoncé comes on the radio. And it's not just any Beyoncé song—it's Bey's undeniably catchy, 2003 hit "Crazy in Love."

As we hear the iconic, "Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no"s, pick up, we anxiously wonder what to do. Do we continue participating in this pathetic excuse for a volleyball game? Surely not, as that would be an insult to Queen Bey and all that she does. Do we dare drop everything and burst into song and dance, risking the wrath of our teammates and—even worse—our gym teacher? 

Okay, maybe we haven't all been there. But when one kid was faced with this exact scenario, he did what any sensible Beyoncé fan would do—what most students wouldn't dare do. He ignored any P.E.-imposed responsibilities and treated his class to one of the best "Crazy in Love" dances we've ever seen.

Dear kid: You are our icon. We would pick you first for our team any day.

(via Cosmopolitan)