Photo by Victor Seebeck


6 Last-Minute, Totally Incredible Halloween Costumes

For all you procrastinators out there

Halloween is admittedly one of our favorite times of the year, but preparing for it can be stressful. From finding the perfect party to scoring all of the sweets, the road to planning an epic All Hallow's Eve is subject to a few detours, especially when life gets in the way. Of course, procrastination's a thing, too.

While the parties and candies are pretty crucial components of an epic Halloween, none are as important as choosing the right costume. It is, after all, what you're going to remember forever, thanks to the help of good old social media.

And that’s where it gets tricky. If you love Halloween as much as we do, the pressure involved when evaluating your costume options can be intense. You want a costume that’s totally original, and one that has a flattering fit. But what might that be?

Luckily, we here at NYLON understand that choosing the perfect costume is not at all an easy process—that's why we put together some cute and witty looks to knock down any costume roadblocks that may stand in your way. They're also easy peasy to put together, and you can snag most of the pieces at NYLONshop.

What it comes down to is that Halloween should be fun. No need to stress, we got you.

Photographer: Victor Seebeck

Model: Lucy at Marilyn Agency

Photo by Victor Seebeck

Head In the Clouds

Rad + Refined, Baby Blue TS Shades, $30, available on NYLONshopKTAG, Everyday KTAG Beanie in White, available on KTAGFrio The Label, Bright Blue Jacket, $150, available on NYLONshop; boots, stylist's own.

Photo by Victor Seebeck


Valfre, Golden Jacket, $98, available at NYLONshopRad + Refined, Lavender TS Shades, $30, available at NYLONshopSophie Anotiona Scott, Leopard Banded Flares, $61, available soon at NYLONshop.

Photo by Victor Seebeck

It's Lit Fam

Ragged Priest, Blaze Mom Jeans, $90, available at NYLONshopIron Fist, Heaven & Hell Moto Jacket, $80, available at NYLONshopPoppy Lissiman, Flaming Rose Velvet Purse, $150, available at NYLONshop.

Photo by Victor Seebeck

Cool Cat

Kigurumi, Black Cat Onesie, $59.99, available at NYLONshopValfre, Golden Jacket, $98, available at NYLONshopRad + Refined, Living My Best Life Sunglasses, stylists own; boots, stylist's own.

Photo by Victor Seebeck

Shark Week

Iron Fist, Daddy Fur Hooded Jacket, $80, available at NYLONshopRad + Refined, Baby Blue TS Shades, $30, available at NYLONshopKigurumi, Shark Onesie, $59.99, available at NYLONshop.

Photo by Victor Seebeck

She's A Snake

Kigurumi, Snake Onesie, $59.99, available at NYLONshop; Frio The Label, Bright Blue Jacket, $150, available at NYLONshop; ZeroUV, Disco Transparent Color Gradient Lens Round Sunglasses in Green/Blue, $9.95, available at NYLONshop.