beauty queen: hannah simone

the top bun, deconstructed.

by rebecca willa davis

If you tune in weekly to New Girl--which you should, because HELLO this show is so freaking funny week in and week out--you can't really think of CeCe without thinking about her long, shiny locks and blunt bangs. It's like Schmidt's shirtless torso or Nick's know, an extensions of her character.

So it's always nice when the actress who plays her, Hannah Simone, goes out looking very un-CeCe, as she did at the Tory Burch party in LA this week. Especially because while getting that aforementioned long, shiny hair might be tough for many of us, aping her double bun is waaay easy. And that's because her hair stylist Paul Norton shared his secrets with us! Try it out and let us know (no botched Indian wedding necessary).

PREP IT: Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray - $39

"I prepped the hair with a beach wave spray and then separated her bangs and clipped them away from her face. Then I separated her hair into two sections--front and back--clipping the front away so I could focus on the back first."


"I then took the back into what would seem like a French twist to give it a more interesting--and not so ponytail--feel. I then connected the top area to the back and secured it with an elastic, pulling the hair through until it was tight but not quite following through on the last pull, leaving the hair in a loop with the ends still in the elastic."

WRAP IT: MoroccanOil Luminous Hair Spray - $22.20

"I then began to wrap the hair that was still left out around the elastic, not only to confine it but also to have a base for the bun form. I then used hairspray to help give it a rougher texture and help my bobby pin down some bits of then bun."

FRINGE IT: Rowenta Express 1-Inch Flat Iron - $179.99

"Lastly, I clipped the bangs and used a flat iron to smooth them out and give them a slight bevel under. I finished the look with more hair spray!"