See Hannibal Buress’ Secret, Disastrous “Daily Show” Audition

…or is it?

When Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show, some speculated that Comedy Central might be considering Hannibal Buress as his replacement. After all, not only did the talented comedian have experience with the network through his appearances on Broad City, but this is the very man who helped initiate the current public groundswell against Bill Cosby through a much-publicized standup set. Funny, smart, capable of speaking truth to power—why shouldn’t he pick up where Stewart left off?

The train wreck of an audition above is why.

Well, actually…no, not really. As much as we would like it to be otherwise, this vid is nothing more than an ad for Buress’ new show Why, premiering tomorrow on, yes, Comedy Central. Nonetheless, it makes a decent argument for actual incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah (oh, and for watching Why on Thursday at 10:30). Enjoy and imagine the amazing horribleness that might have been.