Happi’s New Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Watch “Forever” here

With a moniker like Happi, your ability to make listeners, well, happy, while listening to your music or watching your videos, is pretty high. So far, the London artist is living up to his name.

Happi is intentional with his positive-leaning music. Upbeat tunes mixed with the eclectic blend of pop and drum and bass are a part of his mission to inspire and motivate. His video for “Forever” continues along that path. It’s not very involved: A guy goes through the motions of his day, only to be lured out of his office in the middle of a presentation by his lion friend. A majority of the video shows the two clowning around in the park, riding mini bikes, playing tag—childhood antics, really. But since when has getting in touch with your younger, carefree side been a bad thing?

“’Forever' is my favorite song on the project because it was the most natural song in terms of its creation,” Happi tells us. “It had no plan or purpose; it had no lyrics or beat; it was purely a ‘freestyle’ into the microphone, with the hopes of creating magic. We even used the original recording from my bedroom studio to emphasize its rawness,”

The track is off of his forthcoming EP, Boy And His Imaginary Friend, out April 14. “The record talks about things that I stand for—love, humility, and consistency,” he says. “The video is centered around finding your inner child and reliving the joys of your youth. Overall, I hope people feel the love I feel when I hear it!”

Watch the full video, above.