hard rock cafe

Rollin’ out a new menu…

by Christian Lavery



Hard Rock Cafe

, as you probably know, is one of the most well-known international companies with roots down in over 56 countries. They were kind enough to invite us out to preview their new menu that is rolling out April 1st (no April fools jokes, we promise). We came with empty stomachs, but that was still no match for the five courses they brought out.

Wanting to give us the full Hard Rock experience, the meal started with a cocktail hour that featured seven brand new drinks paired with six new starters. These guys did some serious research on what people like to drink, featuring everything from gin mojitos, to flights of margaritas, and a berry cocktail served in a French press--which allowed you to share with your friends if you're that kind of person. We're the kind of people who love finger foods, and with what felt like an never-ending train of starters this made it difficult to not fill up then and call it a day. We were chowin' down on some dry rub wings (drool), onion rings, nachos and a spinach artichoke dip that was unreal good. Chef, if you read this, we need the recipe!

As the dinner part of the afternoon began none of us were told how much food was about to be come to the table. We were assuming they'd let us try a few menu items then send us on our way, but we were wrong. So wrong in the best way. They brought out a portion of every single new menu item!

It started with a grilled chicken arugula salad that has the perfect mix of sweet fruit, spicy pecans and crumbled feta. Never wanting this salad to end, it was quickly replaced with BBQ chicken, ribs and a smoked beef brisket sandwich. Not knowing where to start we just went in on everything. Every bite was so full of flavor, it felt like each little portion was trying to one-up the other. All of these are smoked, cooked, and sauced in house every single day.

At this point we're stuffed and ready for a nap, but there is no sight of an end to the food. We all loosen our belts one notch as they bring out some cowboy rib eye and grilled norwegian salmon. At this moment we learn that steak is like wine--it's aged to enhance the flavor. This 16oz rib eye has been aged for 28 days to ensure mouth watering satisfaction. The salmon, paired with some spicy BBQ sauce, is so tender that it literally falls apart in your mouth. Both of which were so delicious that we were disgraced by the face of how full we were.

One thing the Hard Rock is most known for and something they take very seriously is their burgers. In the 14 months they spent cooking up their new menu a large portion of that time was spent on crafting some mouth watering burgers. The first is the Fiesta Burger, which is filled with roasted jalapeno salsa, melted jack cheese, freshly made guacamole and pico de gallo. All these flavors mixed with a margarita flight and you have yourself quite the fiesta in your mouth. Our favorite burger was hands-down the Tango burger. Filled with bbq sauce, sloppy joe mix and melted jack. Yes, we said sloppy joe mix. Don't try and hide your summer camp lunch nostalgia, just let those feels happen.

For dessert we had Oreo cheese cake, fresh apple cobbler, and hot fudge brownies, paired with a salted caramel coffee. All of these are topnotch and everything you'd want from them. It's easy to look pass them once we see the most incredible thing of the entire day, a milkshake called the Twist & Shout. Made with Guinnes, Bacardi, dark cream, chocolate and caramel syrup, whipped cream and topped with BACON. We can always make room for something like this, and we did.

I think we're still full from this day, but we can definitely say that the new

Hard Rock Cafe

menu is 100% awesome! Be sure to make your way into one of its establishments April 1st to give the menu a try, and let us know what item is your favorite!

-words & photos by Yung Will