obsessed: harley viera newton

who doesn’t love a rainbow cake?

by steff yotka

Any girl with an iTunes account can call herself a DJ, but Harley Viera-Newton is not just any girl. The London-born, L.A.-raised mixer is signed to Roc Nation (you may know its founder, a Mr. Sean Carter) and has spun at parties for everyone from Dior to The Whitney Museum. Last night she lent her talents to BaubleBar, the low-priced, high-fun jewelry line that she also collaborated with to curate a selection of her favorite pieces. With teensy golden cat rings and Best Friends necklaces, the line will surely fit right in with your accessories routine.

"My jewelry style is very subtle," Viera-Newton told me, "I like the idea of having jewelry that you sort of live in and don't take off--like you put earrings in and forget you have them on... I don't really like to pick jewelry that you have to plan outfits around." After checking out Viera-Newton's cute picks and spying her rad personal style, we asked her all the things she's obsessed with at the moment, from rainbow cakes to '90s-era Gwyneth.


"I'm a crazy cat lady. The secret's out. I've actually always had cats growing up, and now I have a black cat. I adopted her from Bideawee, a shelter that's on 40th Street and First Avenue. We live together. She's my best friend. It's funny because when I adopted her she was really tiny, and they were like, 'Just so you know, she might be the runt. She's super-small, so she might need extra attention.' I was like, 'Oh great, the small cute one. Perfect.' She fully tricked me. She's a massive beast! She's huge! I live in a tiny apartment and she sort of takes over the whole thing. When she jumps on you, you're sort of like [grunting noise]. She's so heavy."


"On my days off I hang out with my boyfriend and my cat! It's such a cheesy thing to admit, but it's true."


"Cassie [Coane] is my best friend, but there's actually a group of seven of us who are all best friends. I'm trying to get all of them a little half of the best friends necklace from the BaubleBar collection. We are all over America so it will be nice to have a little reminder. We could all put them together and it'd be similar to Captain Planet."


"I really like the Tame Impala album [Lonerism]. I know that came out a while ago, but it's been heavy on rotate with me. And Daft Punk's album [Random Access Memories] is great as well. And Solange! I love Solange's album [True] too."


"My boyfriend and I went biking up to Central Park yesterday and we took the Citi Bikes. No accidents this time! It's my second time, so I'm doing good. I love biking in the city, but I've never been able to have a bike because I don't have a bike room. The one time Cassie left her bike inside my house it got stolen in like .2 seconds. It's great now that there are Citi Bikes. When we went, I was definitely wearing a "bike dress" because it was long enough. The first time my dress was way too short. Be careful not to show your underpants!"


"I like That's the website I check every day. It's literally a website full of weird stuff. A lot of the stuff I put on my website, I pull from there. It's really good! It's like a photo of rainbow spaghetti and how to make it. It's really crazy, but I love it."


"I made a rainbow cake and a tie-dye cake recently. Those are two of my proudest achievements, I think. I did it with food dye and wizardry. I can't give you all my secrets, but, yeah, a lot of food dye. It was great. I made one for my boyfriend for his birthday, and I literally was so proud to present it. I've never baked anything in my life before, so it was big for me. You have to look at my Instagram for a picture because it's truly beautiful."


"I like Nemo [from Finding Nemo] a lot. It's because he's small and cute. Is that really sad?"


"Sliding Doors is a great movie. I hadn't seen it in so long and it was on TV recently. Loved watching it. Gwyneth Paltrow, she's the best. I'm super into her. Sliding Doors-era Gwyneth is really good. You have to see it. It's two simultaneous stories, if Gwyneth catches her boyfriend cheating on her or not, and how her life would play out in each. The one who finds out gets a crazy haircut. It's great. It's two Gwyneths, what more could you want!?"


"Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden is a must-have. I always have it on me. When it starts to run out I start to get a little nervous."


"I hate karaoke. I refuse to sing karaoke. I will watch people karaoke. I'm just so bad. There's a reason I'm DJing and not singing: I'm not supposed to be singing! If I had to sing karaoke it would probably be some sort of Mariah Carey song. Pitch-wise it would probably be the worst, but words-wise I'd be good. No one can beat Mariah anyway, so it's almost better if it's worse. Which it will be."


"My closet is literally 75-percent vintage dresses, and so my uniform is basically to throw on a vintage dress and a sweater when I don't have any time to think. There's a gingham dress and a polka-dot dress that get put on if I have literally two seconds to get dressed. I'm always a little last-minute-dot-com, so I have those on lock, for sure."


"I have a pair of Chanel ballet flats that are like completely destroyed. They were a huge splurge when I got them, and now I don't feel bad about it at all because they are literally nothing now. It takes a lot for me to splurge, but when I do it's something I wear into the ground."