Photo via Warner Bros.

Cards Against Muggles Is A New NSFW Harry Potter Card Game

“The basilisk in my pants”

by Sarah Beauchamp

The Harry Potter books have spun off into films, amusement parks, even porn, and now the series has its very own NSFW card game. Created by some hard-core HP fans, Cards Against Muggles is a more magical version of Cards Against Humanity.

The game, now available for download, is filled with highly inappropriate Harry Potter references. Players are dealt cards with Harry Potter-themed obscenities, which are paired with fill-in-the-blank statements to create X-rated narratives. 

One of the sample cards reads: "After months of practicing magic, I think I'm finally ready for..." A potential ending for that sentence is, "Having to explain to Madam Pomfrey why you used engorgio on your d**k." Another example is, "I overdosed on Felix Felicis and found..." along with the answer, "The basilisk in my pants." 

For $19.95, all 1,300 filthy cards can be yours.