Harry Styles’ Friend Once Stole His Girlfriend

everybody really did try to steal his girl

When everybody wants to steal your girl, at some point or another, that exact occurrence is bound to happen. And it appears that no one relates to this more than Harry Styles.

At One Direction's Oslo show late last week, the Brit decided to exercise his cerebral cortex and retell the story of when his dear friend Jack Robinson, who just happened to be in the audience, stole the love of his 14-year-old life. With scant details and little-to-no heartbreak visible in his eyes, we're pretty sure Styles is over the ordeal, although he's not so easy to let his old friend off the hook. "If he's still there at the end of the show," the 21-year-old said, "feel free [to give him] little kicks, little digs."

Fair enough, Harry. Fair enough.