Harry Styles Continues His Reign As The King Of Suits In New Video

Though he has some pint-size competition

Harry Styles’, um, style is surpassed by few celebrities right now. We made that statement clear this past summer when we highlighted some of his many fashion gems in the suit department. The guy knows how to rock a suit, especially of the printed, velvet, Gucci variety. For his new “Kiwi” video, he continues his reign, but also passes the baton to some pint-sized court members.

Rogue One actress Beau Gadsdon sets the sartorial scene when she arrives in a floral-clad Gucci suit that appears to be borrowed from Styles’ closet.

Then, there’s this plaid number:

And, oh man, this yellow floral one (to the left) is a standout:

We only get a glimpse of the top half of this multicolored suit, but you can tell it's good:

This yellow corduroy two-piece didn’t get the amount of screen time it deserved, but try to pay attention to it now, even with the puppies present:

There are plenty of others to peep—those are just the ones we managed to get screenshots of. Styles doesn’t show up until the very end of the video, dressed in an identical grown-up version of Gadsdon’s outfit (awkward), but he obviously takes the cake because he comes accessorized with puppies.

Some music videos (if you’re lucky) make you go, “Oh!” and others make you go, “Aww!” Styles’ manages to make us do both. He’s taken everything the internet loves—little kids, puppies, and some friendly competition—and mashed it into a three-minute masterpiece. The suits were just an added bonus.

Watch it all play out, below.