The Best Hat For Your Hair Type

    it’s hat weather again

    by · October 14, 2015

    Photographed by Alana Tyler Slutsky

    There comes a time in all of our lives (or, in some of our cases, multiple times a week), where we must ask ourselves one mundane, but imperative-feeling question: Should we, or shouldn’t we, wear that hat sitting in the back of our closet? Well, my hair’s looking kind of greasy, you think. But it did make me look like a sad, tan oompa loompa the last time I wore it... Decisions, decisions.

    Luckily, friends, if you haven’t checked a calendar in the past ten months or so, it’s 2015. And that means that there are more hats in strange shapes than ever before. And more variety means that there’s a greater probability of you finding a hat that looks good with your face and hair. Statitistics, isn’t it fun?

    So whether you’re looking for a quick fix for a bad hair day, a means of going incognito, a way to stave off the cold, or, you know, just another way to add another element to an outfit and experiment with different styles, it’s time you find the right hat for you. And because we’re here for you—we were not, at one point, immune to the whole “bad hat” thing—we’re telling you how to find the perfect cap for your noggin. Click through the gallery to see.

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