This New Netflix Series Reenacts Possessions And Abductions Of Ordinary People

‘Haunted’ premieres later this month

Netflix is making sure you don’t sleep this October, premiering new shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina andThe Haunting of Hill House. Now, the first trailer for its new series Hauntedhas been released, and we can already tell that it’s going to give us some restless nights.

Haunted, which is an unscripted series, will reenact everyday people’s supernatural possessions and abductions, as told by the victims themselves. We’re not sure exactly what kind of stories we’ll see, but judging by the trailer, above, it’s not going to be pleasant—blood-filled bathtubs, alien abductions, and demonic possessions are just a few of the things brought up in the trailer. 

One man describes how people did not believe his story: “People say, houses are haunted, not people. But that’s not entirely true.” This series is sure to change those skeptic minds. 

Get yourself prepared for some creepy sights and jump scares. Haunted premieres on Netflix on October 19.