Christina Aguilera Revisited Xtina For ‘Lip Sync Battle’

hayden panettiere, meanwhile, became her

Lip Sync Battle is a peculiar show. It’s the one time you get to see celebrities break from their respective brands and do the thing you do when you’re alone, in your bedroom, and dancing in your mirror. (Don’t lie.) Take, for example, “Lady Marmalade,” an iconic song perfect for group karaoke. Obviously, if you happened to find yourself with Hayden Panettiere, she’d choose to be Christina Aguilera—aka Xtina. 

Last night, not only did Panettiere assume the role of Xtina circa Moulin Rouge!, but she transformed into her—bustier, wig, and all. Like Eva Longoria lip-syncing “Anaconda,” “Lady Marmalade” was a spectacle. Christina Aguilera joined Panettiere for the end. She didn’t sing, though. Is it, like, a rule that one must lip sync on Lip Sync Battle? Beyoncé didn’t fake her dance with Channing Tatum! I digress. The production value of this show appears to be very high. They recreated the “Lady Marmalade” set, for Pete's sake. The choreography, too, is nuts. You want to look away, but you can’t. It’s ridiculous fun. In our best Christina Aguilera voice, we cry, "More! More! Mooooooore!"