Photo via TIDAL


Hayley Kiyoko On Her First Heartbreak, Coming Out, And ‘What’s Love’

The singer opens up in an interview for Tidal’s new series

by Sandra Song

Ever wanted a glimpse into the love life of your favorite celebs? TIDAL's got you covered.

The streaming platform's What's Love is a bi-weekly series that gets our favorite musicians to "get intimate and open up about their love lives." Hosted by ILY founder Erika Ramirez, we're pleased to be premiering the very first episode, starring none other than our NYLON's June cover star Hayley Kiyoko.

Taking the What's Love crew to the place she performed her first concert—the famed Roxy Theatre in L.A.—Kiyoko begins the video with an anecdote about that 2013 show, and shares that her girlfriend (at the time) gave her a bouquet of roses in the parking lot, because she "didn't want people to know that I liked girls." However, things have changed for Kiyoko since then—to the point where three years later she openly sings about her love of women. 

A candid interview that touches on her coming-out experience, her journey toward embracing her sexuality, and getting her heart broken at 16, What's Love also features Kiyoko dispensing some important advice on universally relevant issues like trusting your dating instincts and the need to feel validated. Check out the interview in full, below.