Watch The Trailer For HBO’s New Comedy “Insecure”

Watch the first trailer now

by daniel barna

In a fascinating piece published earlier this month by Vulture called "How Comedy Usurped Drama As the TV Genre of Our Time," Matt Soller Zeitz argues that comedy as a genre is far more vital than drama, thanks in large part to the "racially mixed and gender-balanced casts" that form our best half-hour shows, and that function in direct opposition to "male-driven, often violence-filled dramas."

A perfect example of this juxtaposition is HBO's upcoming comedy Insecure. As the brainchild of Issa Rae, who's best known for her popular web series Awkward Black Girl, Insecure will tackle race relations in America through the eyes of an African-American social worker played by Rae herself. 

The first trailer shows her navigating a world populated by her troubled students, her well-meaning white coworkers, and a clueless boyfriend who will probably be the target of some of Rae's trademark biting humor. The show has been stuck in development purgatory for years, but as HBO continues to focus more on comedy, thanks to the success of shows like Silicon Valley and Veep, expect more unique voices like Rae's to finally get their moment in the sun. 

Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis, and Lisa Joyce round out the cast of Insecure, which is slated to premiere on HBO this fall. Watch the first trailer above.