t-shirt treatment

heathers, clueless, and annie hall tees? we want them all!

by liza darwin

We quote Clueless pretty much everyday. We're still searching for that perfect Margot Tenenbaum coat. We even dressed up as Veronica from Heathers from Halloween.

So we don't really have to explain why these flicks have had a major pop culture impact-- at home, at work, and while we're watching them for the billionth time, because they never get old. But even though we channel the protagonists with our closet as often as we can, Saks Fifth Avenue is making it a whole lot easier with these new Edition01 T-shirts. 

The capsule line features plain white tees splashed with illustrations of Cher (Clueless, duh), Margot (The Royal Tenenbaums), Veronica (Heathers), Annie (Annie Hall), and Andie (Pretty in Pink) for the ultimate fashion throwback. Minimalist and sleek, the designs are cool enough to pay homage, but without being totally obvious--some are only recognizable if you know these movies as well as we do.

You can buy them here...but first, a warning: just like the films themselves, it's going to be impossible to pick a favorite. 

Andie from Pretty in Pink

Annie from Annie Hall

Cher from Clueless

Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums

Veronica from Heathers