time to up your analog game.

by ali hoffman

In the world of the professional basketball, the Trail Blazers first formed as Portland's team in 1970. But in the world of photography, the trailblazer only just arrived--and it may not hang around too much longer. Enter Lomography's ultra limited-edition Belair X 6-12 Trailblazer, an automatic panoramic camera with interchangeable lenses, and the option of three different formats to shoot in. All of that, plus it looks really cool doing it. Part-aluminum/part-leather, the sleek device is the latest edition to the brand's revolutionary Belair range--the first-ever 6 x 12 auto-exposure medium format cameras. Sure, this luxe memory-maker definitely doesn't make sense if your sole motivation for taking pictures remains uploading to Instagram and/or Facebook. But for those of you looking for a great tool to shoot analog photography, it's about time you meet your new best friend. After all, you'll need a couple months to get to know it, before the two of you hit the open road (er, trail?) this summer. Order the limited-edition camera here!