nylon’s big movie premiere with hugo boss, the horrors, and our favorite famous friends

by nylon

We've finally recovered from our big trip to Sundance, and here's the story:

Counting in Fives, the first full-length Nylon movie, was a huge hit (no, really).

Starring the British punk sensations The Horrors, the film was directed by our editor-in-chief, Marvin Scott Jarrett.   It follows the band on their first American tour, as they encounter WalMart, Williamsburg, and the ultimate test of U.S. cool, Cory Kennedy.

The Horrors' American trek was fun and a bit harrowing, and so was our Sundance adventure.  By our Park City party, we spotted Nylon's former cover girls Mary Kate Olsen and Kirsten Dunst, plus Guylon icon Jared Leto and The MisShapes, Peaches Geldof, and photographer Jeremy Kost.

But with such an electric group of people, something was bound to explode - and it was the power lines.  Midway through Nylon's epic Sundance party with Hugo Boss, the power blew across Park City, leaving The Horrors and their guests in total darkness.

Which, of course, just made everything more fun...

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