Hi Fashion Where Is The Party Music Video Premiere

introducing hi fashion’s “where is the party”

Parties are meant to be a space where different communities gather, mingle, and get down. These days, however, the glamour of individuality within the party scene seems to be lost. The dance floor is a space where you’re supposed to get away, and Hi Fashion’s latest video is an ode to that.

“Where Is The Party," a Rene Vas directed project, brings the weird. It’s a banger calling for equality and unity. As Hi Fashion’s Jen DM and Rick Gradone told NYLON, “[It] questions the intentions of the media and values of our image-inundated world.” Indeed, the visual feast is a far cry from poppin’ bottles and pole grinding that’s saturated almost every video. Instead, it’s a bunch of people enforcing their right to party on. And party on they will.